Our first SINGLE and MUSIC VIDEO “ALBATROSS” is out now!

Our single and Music Video for ALBATROSS is out now!
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We hope you enjoy the Official Music Video for ALBATROSS! This was a creative collaboration between Director Salvador Hernandez and Cinematographer Juan Mojica | www.JAM1PHOTO.com along with tons of help from our friends and family. We can’t thank you guys enough for all the support throughout our first Music Video endeavor and we can’t wait to release the next one for you guys to see!


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No need for concern
No need for doubt
Everything eventually works itself out

The burdens and pressures inevitably burn out.
Endure them withstand it with no pause or timeout.

Embrace the detriment
Come to terms with the truth
There are no escapes
There are no fountains of youth!


Propel the vibe forward.
Push through the line
That borders your essence
And limits your mind.
Confines all your valiance
and makes you inclined
To reserve your vitality and hinder your shine.

The burden / inevitably / Burns out
Endure then withstand it with no pause or time out